Canola, peanut or vegetable oil
Two diced carrots
One lb medium shrimp – deveined – drained on paper towel
Pinch of salt
One teaspoon white sugar
Two teaspoons chili pepper sauce
One lb of bean sprouts – remove brown tail – wash – dry on paper towel
One cup frozen green peas
1/2 lb honey ham – diced
One very large onion – diced – white, yellow or red
Two large raw eggs
1 1/2 cups of uncooked rice – cook day ahead if possible – if not, make sure it’s cool
Medium sweet soy sauce – enough to color rice
One tsp Jasun style sesame oil


Select LARGE pot or wok to cook the ingredients. Add just enough oil to the bottom. Pangs used about 1/4 cup. Heat the oil and get it HOT. Be careful not to burn it. Put diced carrots in pot and cook five minutes, stirring constantly.

Add shrimp, salt, sugar, chili pepper sauce. Cook about three minutes. Remove all ingredients from pot and put in a large bowl.

Pour a little oil in pot and heat it. Add bean sprouts, stirring constantly. Cook two minutes. Add green peas. Continue to stir and cook two minutes. Add ham. Stir and cook two more minutes. Remove all ingredients from pot and layer on top of carrot, shrimp, and sprout mixture in huge large bowl.

Add two tablespoons of oil. Heat up and cook onions for three minutes, stirring constantly. Whip up eggs in a small bowl. Add to onions and stir for thirty seconds. LOWER FIRE.

Add cooked rice to onions/eggs and mix it up well. Add soy sauce to rice mixture, enough to give the rice a Carmel color. Add sesame oil. Stir well.

Fold ingredients in large bowl into the rice mixture. Stir thoroughly.

Absolutely the most delicious fried rice in the South!

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